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Trucking Companies Ask: “What’s driving up our costs?”

Owner-operators are really feeling the heat of increasing costs in 2019. Many trucking companies are under pressure to hike up wages and offer competitive benefits in order to attract and retain drivers. Shipping companies are charging increasingly higher rates because of rising fuel prices. Equipment repair and maintenance (R&M) isn’t cheap either. When you add the cost of workers' comp and trucking insurance, your business could well be footing a hefty sum.

Does this scenario sound familiar? If your company is straining under the burden of a changing market, we feel for you. But we’re happy to say that you can cut costs without cutting corners—how?

Let’s first dig down to the roots. We'll learn which costs demand the most from your company, why they're increasing, and how you can save. Here are the top 5:

  1. Labor
  2. Fuel
  3. Workers’ compensation
  4. Trucking insurance
  5. Equipment repair & maintenance (R&M)
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